Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I've also been making bracelets. These three examples are made with agates from Nepal, evil eye beads I bought on-line from "Happy Mango", and brass beads from west Africa.

The beads all have larger holes through which I thread at least two strands of wire I purchased at the hardware store and formed into the round wrist shape. The tail of the wire strand is wrapped around and around the circular strands and then trimmed and crimped tightly.

I like these bracelets because they are somewhat flexible and shape themselves to your wrist after time. I made a bracelet of three agates with a brass bead on each end for my friend Xola Malik, a rapper of considerable fame in the Pacific Northwest, in return for some music he sent to me. Please Google Xola Malik for an example of his works.

Agate bracelet $40, evil eyes private collection, West African brass beads $28 c.20009

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