Sunday, October 25, 2009

La Calavera Catrina

This pin is based on the Jose Guadalupe Posada etching "La Calavera Catrina", a political cartoon published in Mexico in 1913.

I made it out of polymer clay pressed into a sugar skull mold I bought at "Milagros", a wonderful import store in the Pike Place Market in Seattle. To make the pin a little lighter it is stuffed with crumpled aluminum foil. I used "Zap-a-Gap" to glue a pin on the back and painted the flowers, straw hat and the facial features with acrylics. It is especially important to get the face just so. Even the eyes of a skeleton need to look right!

The really fun part is painting the whole thing with translucent glitter paint and then sprinkling on the glitter "sugar". I use "Diamond Dust" brand as it gives a nice crunchy sugary look.

"La Catrina" is fun to wear and especially so during Day of the Dead festivities. She's sure to get compliments - so fashionable in her pretty hat.

$25 c2009

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