Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Red Touches Yellow, You're a Dead Fellow"

These bracelets are really, really easy to make. Using abut ten inches of some thin wire from the hardware store I made a loop with two or three wraps at one, threaded on some size six seed beads, tried the bracelet on for size, and, when the size was correct, looped the free end through the first loop, pulled everything tight and then wrapped the free end around three or four times.

This would be an easy project for kids although the adult supervising should probably do the wire cutting and maybe the wire wrapping.

I'm not too into "glitz" so my examples are somewhat simple. I think they are a bit African in feel. Imagine wearing a bunch of these! You could even color coordinate with your wardrobe.

I recommend "Shipwreck Beads" in Lacey, Washington as a great source for seed beads and "glitz".

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