Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amala's Silk Road Journey

This is Roman era glass from Afghanistan.

The Romans built glass making factories in various places along their trade routes making all types of objects - bottles, dishes, etc., and probably beads as well.

Some of these factories were recently excavated and the glass shards have become available through international wholesalers.

My supplier, "Hands of the Hills" located in Mercer Island, Washington, found their Roman era glass in Thailand. It is shipped to Thailand in big crates and the "Hands of the Hills" crew just had to go to Thailand to pick through the bins and bring the best pieces home. I told them that if they ever needed help just let me know - I'm ready to go!

I bought seven shards and made a necklace with matching earrings out of them. I even made the chain!

This is a beautiful set - the glass delicately jingles as you move and the colors are absolutely incredible.

The set is for sale for $150 -

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