Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charlotte by the back door

This big momma spider has a nest of eggs above our back door.

It's fun to watch her. She's out in the evening waiting for bugs and during the day she tucks herself up above the backdoor light. I'd guess, with her legs stretched flat out, she's bigger than a quarter but a bit smaller than a half dollar.

We've taken to ducking as we go out the door so as to not disturb her web. What an awful thing to have those monster people ruin her nightly work of art.

Charlotte is a beautiful creature. Don't you agree??

10/18/2009 It seems that Charlotte is a European cross spider (Araneus diadematus). You can see the cross shape on the back of her abdomen. We watched her spin a web today. Quite fun - she is good! The bad thing is that she anchored it on the knocker on the back door - luckily, spider web is stretchy and we can get the door open without breaking the web!

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